New Website
Website for Biscotti Cafe

Thank you for exploring our new website! We at Biscotti Cafe live by the “fresh and local” philosophy. Although it is usually fresh and local ingredients, this time we used a fresh and local design company., based here in Syracuse, won our confidence and trust from the start. We hope you’ll like the site as much as we do. We are in the beginning stages of the new site, getting out there on all the social media, and finding new ways to serve you and other customers best. Phase one of the site was to provide you with the “sweet” daily details. We’ll be offering online ordering and more interactive content in phase two. In the interim, please let us know what you think in the comments section below. We would be grateful for any feedback regarding the look and feel and any other details you would provide. Thank you again for exploring the site and thank you for your continued business!